Best Free Gaming Software for your gaming PC


If you wish to enjoy your gaming experience, you need to get hold of the best gaming software. What more you can expect? If you can grab the best gaming software for free, it would indeed be wonderful.
Now that you have a gaming PC, you’ll surely want to enhance your gaming experience.

So, here’s a list of some popular and free gaming software for PC:

  • Steam: An online game platform

  • Discord

  • Razer Cortex

  • Team Speak: A voice chat tool

  • OBS Studio

  • f.lux: Good display, reduces eye strain

  • CCleaner: For clearing up disk space to store more games.

These are the common ones that I know. Can you think of any other gaming tools that one should have?


Steam is the storehouse of a variety of online games. In fact, Steam is a robust platform having a lengthy video game catalog. It keeps on adding latest releases for users to get. A comprehensive library of classic games can also be found, if you have interest in it.
Team Speak is also another must have for your gaming PC.