Best Free Software for PC or Personal Computer


Are you are thinking of setting up your PC and that too in an efficient manner? If yes, then what you need is, to stock your PC with some of the Best Free Software.

It is not always essential to go in for a premium version of software, as you can get a desired result even by choosing the free options.

Here is a small list of Best Free Software for PC that you will surely like:

  1. Free Anti-Malware Software: AVG Antivirus Free, BitDefender Antivirus Edition

  2. Web Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

  3. Free Backup Software: EaseUs Todo Backup

  4. Free Media Players: VLC Media Player

  5. Free File Recovery Software: Recuva

  6. Free Firewall: Comodo Firewall, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2018

  7. Free Conferencing Software: Microsoft Skype

  8. Free Clean-up/Maintenance Utilities Software: CCleaner

  9. Free Audio/Recording Software: Audacity

  10. Free Graphics and Imaging Software: Paint. net

This is just a glimpse of the various free software options available.

What I feel is, having these basic and useful software can definitely make tough tasks easier for us.

Do you have all or most of these handy software? Which is your favourite free software?

A great backup software, a clean-up & maintenance software plus a good graphic design software, these 3 are the ones that I always keep updated on my system.


Hey Sammy, This is a quite comprehensive list or I should say, you have summarised it all in just few lines. Now, that’s sounds a bit confusing: Comprehensive & Summary :smile:
Yes, comprehensive since you covered all the important basic software that one could think of to have on a PC, to enhance its utility.
A summary, because without getting deeper into each of them, you just clicked the main points.
Quite impressive :slight_smile:


Hi Sammy, That’s a wonderful addition to different software lists shared on this tech forum. Keep adding more to create awareness amongst community members. As one gets a new PC or laptop, I am sure this list shall prove fruitful in deciding the best free software :slight_smile:


Hey, that’s indeed a massive list. You have included all the important software in one go. Great work!

A good backup software, a clean-up & maintenance software plus a good graphic design software, these are my favourite tools also.