Best Premium WordPress Themes For Personal Blog


Wordpress as you know is the ideal platform for bloggers.When combined with a flexible and modern wordpress theme, it can work wonders for your blog. Your blog will certainly stand apart and rank well in all the search engines.
I have listed a few amazing Best Premium Themes For Personal Blog

  • Swanky
  • Wenza
  • Elitemag
  • Blazzer
  • Flint
  • Charvi Coach
  • Pluto
    Whether you have explored these WordPress themes or any other, why not you brief us about your choice.


Hi Sammy, Premium themes give access to advanced features. But, not all newcomers in blogging field use premium wordpress themes. I have seen so many bloggers using free themes at the start. May be later on, they switch to premium versions. But, its better to save money and use free WordPress themes initially.