Is Canva Free Graphic Design Software? Is it best tool for Beginners?


Need some suggestions for my graphic software selection.Just wondering if someone can elaborate on whether canva is a free graphic software or not?


Hi Emma, Canva is a free graphic design software. You can easily showcase your graphic designing skills with this amazing free graphic tool.

Canva: Best Free Graphic Design Software Features

  • You can sign up for free and get access to thousands of free elements, images, icons, illustrations, fonts etc. Combine them to turn your creative thoughts into a stunning visual.

  • You can create beautiful infographics, posters, blog covers, flyers and numerous designs with this free graphic design software.

  • No professional training/course required. Simply, get started in few clicks. It’s that simple!

  • You shall find paid elements also that cost around 1 USD each. Now, that’s pretty affordable if you actually need one. Otherwise the bundle of free elements & images is more than enough to create your own masterpiece.

  • Apart from the free version, Canva offers an upgraded “Canva for Work” with advanced features. Here also, you get a free 30 day trial. If you like it, you can subscribe for premium benefits.

Overall, Canva is really a wonderful choice to present your designing skills. I can surely call Canva as one of the “Best Graphic Design Software for Beginners”. What you shall call it? Do give it a try. You’ll definitely like it.


Hi, Yes you can start using canva for free. Make an account with Canva by filling your basic details and you can start designing. I feel its free features are sufficient to build wonderful graphics. I have been using this graphic software. Its pretty simple and very good. I don’t have any designing background but still enjoy working and making infographics with it.


Hi Amik,Thanks for the prompt response.It is clear from your reply that canva offers both free and premium options.Moreover all the features which you have highlighted suggest that Canva is for sure an amazing and one of the best graphic design software.Will definitely give it a try.