Rapportive Alternative


I used to have rapportive in gmail to look up social information for a contact . After linkedin acquired and some how killed rapportive, I were looking for a free appropriate tools that can act as a rapportive alternative. I came to find the following popular tools

  • Clearbit Connect
  • Nudge

Has anyone got any feedback on the same on which one works as closely as possible to the rapportive gmail extension ? Also, I hope that these are free tools ?


Hi, you might not get a complete rapportive replacement. But, there are many alternatives ways to replace some of the popular rapportive features like:

  • Verifying emails
  • CRM capabilities

Some of the paid options of common used rapportive alternatives include:

  • Clearbit Connect
  • Accompany
  • FullContact
  • Discoverly

These are paid ones. You can get some free alternatives also like:

  • Evercontact
  • 360Social
  • Pipl
  • Klenty

Hey, not to forget Linkedin Sales navigator, a free tool surely needs a mention here.

Also, Clearbit Connect is not a free tool, I think its a paid alternative. Hope this list is sufficient to answer your queries.


That’s a nice collection. We search for free tools and if we grab a good bunch at a single place, that’s wonderful. Thanks for sharing these Rapportive alternatives.