What are Best language learning apps to learn new languages?


Whether you are just a beginner or want to enhance your already acquired language skills, language learning apps are the best means of doing so. The language learning apps or software can guide you through your learning journey and help you to read, write, speak and become proficient in a new language.With plenty of options available for language apps, it becomes a bit confusing to make the right selection. Here’s a list of the selected few, which might be of some help

  • Memrise

  • Duolingo

  • Babbel

  • Busuu

  • LinguaLift

  • HelloTalk

  • Mindsnacks

  • Tinycards

  • Leaf

  • TripLingo

  • HiNative

    The app selection must be made, keeping in mind, your main purpose of learning the foreign language.Moreover, you can always start with free and upgrade to premium later.

Do you have a personal favourite? Or Do you have an additional list? Then why not share it with others.


Duolingo is the best. I haven’t tried any other. But, if I have to name one good language learning app then it would be Duolingo. This is very popular and easy tool to learn a new language.


Hi, I wish to learn French. I was looking for good learning apps. This sounds to be a great collection of language learning apps, all important names assembled at one place. Nice initiative to share this list with others. Thanks a lot.