What are must have Software for Windows 10?


Software forms the basis of any computer setup. Whether it’s your new PC or you have reinstalled Windows, you must install a few programmes right away.

Here is a list of some must have software for windows 10

• Microsoft office
• Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox
• iTunes
• M4VGear for Windows
• CCleaner
• VLC Media Player
• Paint. net
• Skype
• Adobe Reader
• Avast! Free Virus
• Dropbox
You can achieve a lot with these programs. If you don’t prefer any one of these, you can easily find another alternative without much hassle.

Do you wish to make any additions to the above list with your choice of safer, faster and better must have Software for Windows 10, go ahead and make my list more comprehensive.


MS Office, Google Chrome, CCleaner & Skype are the ones I have on my PC. I am a freelancer and can’t do without them. In addition to it, I prefer having a good backup software as well for my system.